Interview with Manchester Climate Monthly.

I did an interview with Manchester Climate Monthly. The first question had me thinking about how long I had been striking and was surprised to see that today is my 13th week and my 3rd big strike.

Here’s a part of my answer to the first question.

Which of the strikes have you been on? What was your favourite thing about them?

I have been on the National strike in February and the Global Strike in March and am going to the strike tomorrow on the 12th of April.
And from the beginning of February, I’ve been going to Fridays for Future protests outside the town hall every week. I hand out leaflets and talk to people about climate change and ask them to come along to strikes and help support us to show that people are worried about climate change and our future.

You can read the rest of the interview here: Interview with Manchester Climate Monthly! 

I really liked this interview as I could think about the answers and I wasn’t rushed, which can sometimes make me very anxious.


Fridays For Future

Out in Manchester again today encouraging adults to support young people at next weeks national climate strike on April 12th.
Friday 5 minute action take a selfie, hashtag #climatestrike you don’t have to be at a strike to do this – tag your MP…. ask your MP what they’re doing about the issue as plans so far won’t tackle the climate crisis we are in. 🌿Lil’s World Blog in bio 🌿
#fridaysforfuture. 😊 #wedonthavetime
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Climate Emergency : Shipping SOS!

I’ve been making origami boats that will be delivered to the decision making delegates at the IMO on the 7th of May.

On that date representatives from around the world are going to talk about one global shipping pollution, and how they can cut emissions before 2030.

This is a simple and easy way for children and young people to have our say. Some artivism (activism and art.) Writing messages on origami boats to be delivered to over 1000 delegates from around the world.   

All the information to make the boats is in this Link.

But please make sure you post them by the last day of April to make sure they arrive in London for the 3rd if May.

Make 1, or as many as you like. I am going to make some more and post them just after Easter.

Global Climate Strike Speech 15th March 2019

Today was another fantastic day. So much bigger than the last organised strike, and so many people. It was brilliant to see more children like myself getting up to speak and have their voices heard.  We Rise!!

Hello I’m Lillia and I’m 9 years old.

Since I spoke here last month we’ve experienced the hottest Winter day on record and if that wasn’t bad enough, that same week Parliament had its first debate in 2 years on climate change.

Out of 650 MP’s only 48 attended to debate. That’s just 7%. I’d fail any test with that percentage. And that’s exactly what our government is doing – Failing us!

They know the climate issue is urgent but they’re not trying to help.

There is a saying that goes “Actions speak louder than words.”

Deeds not words were written proudly across the suffragette banners when they called others to action, because they knew promises and words meant nothing if not backed up by action, and ultimately the changing of the laws to make sure those actions were done.

Manchester and this region has a proud History that has seen many stand up against injustice, and doing what is right. Behind us stands the Pankhurst Statue. Representing how she and Manchester

played important roles in the Suffrage Movement.

The First Trade Union was founded here in Manchester in 1818. People coming together for common goals. Just as we are today. A goal that unites us all and that is to save this planet!

Me, speaking now, and you all stood here are now part of that History – standing up for Climate Justice!

We are in a different century standing up for a different type of injustice. Because the issue of climate change is not an individual issue. It is a political issue – it affects every single person not just in the city of Manchester, or the UK – but in the World! And every future whether it be human or animal depends on a few to make a drastic change.

But they’re still not listening.

They treat us like a fly they want to swat away. Our opinions dismissed. I’ve been told I’m too young to understand. That what we are doing here today is “wasted lesson time”.

Well I say you are wrong!

Theresa May. Stop patronising us!

Mrs May you are already in the middle of trying to rip away opportunities from us by taking us out of Europe. There is NO way we are going to stand idly by and have you take our literal futures too.

So yes we strike, and we will become future scientists and engineers and advocates to help tackle the 6th extinction. We will also become activist’s and future politicians to ensure that politicians like you are not one of the few who hold the future of the world in their hands.

But what now? Because already children like me are dieing across the world in storms, floods, droughts and closer to home – air pollution – poisoning us as I speak.

We cannot wait for my generation to get older to fix what might no longer be fixable. Because if it isn’t fixed now there won’t be a future for children like me. So to my government, I say follow the Paris agreement and the IPCC report. Everything is set out clearly for you. Do your homework and then take immediate action. Because we are not going to go away until you do. We will continue to strike until you do.

I want to end with this quote

Sometimes a butterfly flaps it’s wings and there is a storm on the other side of the world”

Greta was that butterfly and WE ARE THAT STORM!



My Climate Strike Speech 15 February 2019

Hello. I’m Lillia and I’m 9 years old.

In 12 years I will be 21.

Scientists have given us 12 years to limit climate change before there is nothing we can really do.

I have hopes and dreams for 21 year old Lillia that may only be just that – dreams!

Especially if adults and politicians that run our country don’t listen to our voices for change and the voices of scientists around the world.

This shouldn’t be our responsibility. It is unfair that we have to face the consequences of what others have done. If the adults who are supposed to be responsible are not listening, then we have to make them responsible.

Out of the 195 countries in the world, the UK ranks 41st for its Carbon footprint. This may seem OK to some but it’s not good enough. Not when the Planet is in danger and going through the process of the 6th extinction.

Overpopulation and over consumption are heading us towards another great dying. Because people cannot see it affecting humans yet, it doesn’t mean it’ss not happening. The rapid extinction of insects and animals is a warning sign that will eventually catch up to us.

This is preventable, because we are the cause.

Humans are the cause!

It is our want and need and greed that is causing this.

The UK Government has set out a 25 year Environmental plan, And that’s just it – a plan!

A plan without any real action! And it is action that we need to stop climate change.

25 years is a long way off. We need things to move quicker. And with no laws being changed so this plan can work, how do we know if this plan will be put into action? This is not reassuring! You only have to look at Theresa May’s Brexit plan to see how good her so called “plans” are.

There needs to be more solutions than just banning plastic straws. It’s only a small drop in the ocean that is the problem we have now.

Some people think its too late to save the earth. Scientists across the world say we have 12 years to get this right. The technology is there. The solution’s are there. Brilliant minds across the world have been working on this for decades. And what they have said has been ignored.

It cannot be ignored any longer!

Yes it is expensive but we cannot put a price on our planet. We have to save the world and we have to save ourselves.

And if it takes us children to protest and strike to get our voices heard for our future and the children that come after us – Then we must – we have to – because it is our future that is in danger.

Some people have lost hope, or simply do not want to face the reality we are in. But we must because there is no other planet. We only have one earth and we are killing it.

We need action on air pollution- Now!

We need action on fracking- Now!

We need action on the destruction of woodlands and natural habitats-Now!

Not in 25 years, not in 20 years. Not in 10 or even 5 years – but now!!!!

The world’s depending on it!!

Thank you

Friday Strike!


Fridays for Future – Manchester!

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Out today in Manchester helping to Leaflet and spread information and awareness with #fridaysforfuture 🌿Lil's World Blog & YouTube in bio 🌿 #fridaysforfuture. 😊 #wedonthavetime #youthstrike4climate #Manchester #climatecrisis #climatechange #youthstrikeforclimate #strikeforclimate #climatechange #homeeducationuk #climatestrike #youthclimatestrike #climatejusticenow #endecocide #systemchangenotclimatechange #ecology #wildlifeconservation #protectourplanet #protectouroceans #endsingleuseplastic #ipccreport2018 #respectthescience #ourchildrensfuture #youthclimateactionnow #homeeducationuk #fridays #climatestrike #homeeducation #homeed #homeschool #learning #doilookinvisible #welovehomeed

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Youth Strike for Climate

Today I went into Manchester to be part of the Youth Strike for Climate.

I was interviewed by BBC Newsround and other TV channels and newspapers..It was a little bit scary at first but I really enjoyed it.

I made a speech about Climate change. It sums up what I’ve learnt about the subject and how I feel about it. It felt very weird being in front of so many people. I had butterfly’s in my tummy.

So like in yoga and took a deep breath through my nose and breathed out through my mouth to feel calm.

The atmosphere of the strike was really good. We sang protest songs and listened to others speak about their concerns about the planet. I didn’t want to sing the songs at first but with all the other people it felt good to join in.

And I’ll be back next Friday with Fridays for Future.

Climate Strike….

I have been very interested in the environment and love being in nature. But i have only just learnt about Fridays for Future and Greta Thunberg from Sweden who in August 2018 started to strike outside the Swedish parliament to raise awareness about Climate change and how we are destroying the planet.



My Mum found about Fridays for Future and last week I went along to say hi and find out a little more. Afterwards I decided I am going to join them on Fridays, but this upcoming friday 15th February is a Youth School Strike which is happening in different cities across the UK.

I will be there and making a speech. I’ve spent the past week researching about making speeches as well as making banners/posters for the strike.


I ‘m nervous as I will also be interviewed by BBC Newsround before it starts. But I am going to do it as I feel that children’s voices need to be heard. I hope others who feel strongly about the environment will join a Strike in a city near you, and parents if you have a child who wants to strike and be out of school I beg you to support them because they cannot do this without you.


#fridaysforfuture #climatestrike #schoolstrike4climate