My Climate Strike Speech 15 February 2019

Hello. I’m Lillia and I’m 9 years old.

In 12 years I will be 21.

Scientists have given us 12 years to limit climate change before there is nothing we can really do.

I have hopes and dreams for 21 year old Lillia that may only be just that – dreams!

Especially if adults and politicians that run our country don’t listen to our voices for change and the voices of scientists around the world.

This shouldn’t be our responsibility. It is unfair that we have to face the consequences of what others have done. If the adults who are supposed to be responsible are not listening, then we have to make them responsible.

Out of the 195 countries in the world, the UK ranks 41st for its Carbon footprint. This may seem OK to some but it’s not good enough. Not when the Planet is in danger and going through the process of the 6th extinction.

Overpopulation and over consumption are heading us towards another great dying. Because people cannot see it affecting humans yet, it doesn’t mean it’ss not happening. The rapid extinction of insects and animals is a warning sign that will eventually catch up to us.

This is preventable, because we are the cause.

Humans are the cause!

It is our want and need and greed that is causing this.

The UK Government has set out a 25 year Environmental plan, And that’s just it – a plan!

A plan without any real action! And it is action that we need to stop climate change.

25 years is a long way off. We need things to move quicker. And with no laws being changed so this plan can work, how do we know if this plan will be put into action? This is not reassuring! You only have to look at Theresa May’s Brexit plan to see how good her so called “plans” are.

There needs to be more solutions than just banning plastic straws. It’s only a small drop in the ocean that is the problem we have now.

Some people think its too late to save the earth. Scientists across the world say we have 12 years to get this right. The technology is there. The solution’s are there. Brilliant minds across the world have been working on this for decades. And what they have said has been ignored.

It cannot be ignored any longer!

Yes it is expensive but we cannot put a price on our planet. We have to save the world and we have to save ourselves.

And if it takes us children to protest and strike to get our voices heard for our future and the children that come after us – Then we must – we have to – because it is our future that is in danger.

Some people have lost hope, or simply do not want to face the reality we are in. But we must because there is no other planet. We only have one earth and we are killing it.

We need action on air pollution- Now!

We need action on fracking- Now!

We need action on the destruction of woodlands and natural habitats-Now!

Not in 25 years, not in 20 years. Not in 10 or even 5 years – but now!!!!

The world’s depending on it!!

Thank you


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